Lithuanian Mint

Although main activity of the company is minting of collector and circulation coins it also focuses on the B2B segment (corporate custom products, metal production, medals, investment gold sales and other areas of e-commerce). Picture Ideas was tasked with creating a hybrid project: an image-based B2B website for a public institution combined with a functional e-shop.


We not only created a website with a distinctive design that focuses on the company’s services, international awards and outstanding business services, but also a highly successful e-commerce system that generates high sales.

In addition to the usual coin sales, the e-shop offers uniquely engraved merchandise (based on the customer’s text) and the unique option to buy investment gold, the price of which is automatically calculated according to the world gold price at the time. The e-shop is continuously maintained and updated, and connected to client’s external systems, such as warehousing software.

0MM €Annual e-commerce sales volumes
0xtimes more e-commerce turnover
0visitors per month on average
0%increase in visitor numbers

2 years ago, we contacted Picture Ideas UAB to update our company website and e-shop. The proposal to radically change the structure of our company’s website, the graphics, and the CMS at the beginning of the project seemed too bold for us as a conservative company. We are glad that we took the risk then and today we can enjoy improved traffic and conversion results.

Linas Veikalas

Head of Marketing and Commercial, Lithuanian Mint